About DrivenData

DrivenData brings the transformative power of data science to organizations tackling the world’s biggest challenges. We run online machine learning challenges with social impact, and we work directly with mission-driven organizations to drive change through data science and engineering. Since 2014 we’ve worked with more than 35 organizations across 50+ projects in areas like international development, health, education, research and conservation, and public services.

We pride ourselves on being a great place to work and to learn. We take the development of our team members very seriously and we value the priorities that we each have in our lives at work and outside of work. We like to tackle problems that matter as a team. We help each other develop clean, well-organized, well-documented code in service of correct and reproducible data science. We believe the work we do should positively impact people’s lives.

Ultimately, we're a team of smart, passionate data scientists and engineers interested in doing good work for good reason. We're looking for more great people in Boston or the Bay area. We're excited to hear from you!

Current openings